• Depositing and registering the work with the relevant organisation.
• Defence through the civil and penal courts in the case of infringement.

“Work” is the term used to describe intellectual inventions in literary, scientific and artistic fields, whatever form they take, which, as such, are protected by Copyright Law and Connected Rights; this protection includes the rights of the respective authors.

The ideas, processes, systems, operational methods, concepts, principles and discoveries cannot be protected it selves under the terms of the same code.

The work is independent of its divulgation, publication, utilisation or exploitation.

Intellectual inventions in the fields of literature, science and art, whatever their type, form of expression, merit, means of communication or objective include the following:

- Books, pamphlets, magazines, newspapers and other literary works and software
- Conferences, lectures, speeches and sermons
- Dramatic works and musical dramas and their staging
- Choreographed works and pantomimes whose expression has been recorded in
   writing or by whatever other form
- Cinematographic works
- Painting
- Sculpture
- Engraving
- Photography