Álvaro Duarte & Associados

Since 1973 in the service of industrial property

Alvaro Duarte and Associados is a company which has been working in the field of Industrial Property since 1973. Our objective is to be leader in the field of the protection, maintenance and defence of all types of legal rights relating to patents, Trade Marks and other distinguishing marks of business.

AD&A employs a multi-disciplinary team of professionals and, as such, it is qualified to practise at national and European Community levels. Nationally, the company works in conjunction with INPI - the National Industrial Property Institute.  In Europe, it works with the European Institute of Patents (EPO) in relation to European patents and with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) in relation to Community Trade Marks and Community designs and standards.

Through its network of colleagues throughout the world, AD&A is qualified to practise in any country.

Since its foundation, the company has been committed to the improvement of its services through continual investment in technology and staff training. 

AD & Ass employs professionals who are highly-qualified in the fields of Economics, Law, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biotechnology and Pharmacy.  Due to the scientific backgrounds of many of our staff, as well as the on-going in-house training programmes which they participate in, the company is especially skilled at providing Industrial Property services in the area of scientific development.

Qualities such as Tradition, Experience, Dynamism, Innovation and Economy have given more than 6,000 clients the confidence to trust in our services.

The firm

Vision and Values

The rigour of our procedures and the training and professionalism of our staff are the basis of and the justification for the continued trust put in us by our clients. Affiliation to the principal international associations in the field and participation by team members in specialist conferences and symposiums ensures that the information and guidance we provide is always up to date. Our vast network of associates and partners extending all over the world gives our clients the guarantee that their rights are looked after and defended wherever they are and whatever the circumstances. Because we want to continue to deserve our clients' trust we will continue to always look for the best solutions and to provide the most efficient service.

Official Agent

Industrial Property Agents

Industrial Property Agents are professionals qualified in the field of industrial property who, on behalf of their clients, promote acts and perform procedures in conjunction with the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI). 

Furthermore, Industrial property agents are officially recognized specialists whose duties require ongoing study updates and in-depth knowledge of the technical-legal subject matters of industrial property, through a broad-reaching network of associates and partnerships scattered across the world.

In their capacity as specialists, Industrial Property Agents advise, analyze, formulate and take the right steps for each case, for each client, promoting, defending and advocating the best solutions, being also bound under professional secrecy. 

Today, Industrial Property Agents carry out private law attributions related to technical processes within industrial property, thus contributing to an enterprise’s production strategy and development of lucrative outcomes. These specialists can no longer be viewed simply in a national context or from a home-land perspective, but should rather be acknowledged within the veritable global context in which they operate.

Industrial Property Agents are aware of this reality of complex technical and legal perspectives, and know through ongoing and systematic study updates that they are part of a national, European and international context in the quest for the best solution for projects, claims and defense of the rights of their clients.

The ‘do-it-yourself’ route – all the rage nowadays – cannot be accepted by Industrial Property Agents lest they undermine an entire conjunctural and legal reality. An uninformed and incompetent approach to Industrial Property subject matters may lead to greater expenses, to highly onerous situations and to irremediable losses for the economic agents that opted for these channels without the proper help of a specialist

Industrial Property Agents, as specialists and scholars of these subject matters, know the complexity and respective requirements for each case, as well as the consequences that complacency or lack of knowledge of procedures cause.

In performing their work, the Agents also have a formative and informative duty vis-à-vis their clients, providing knowledge of the new legal guidelines, warning about situations or procedures that might generate unpredictable, doubtful and embarrassing consequences, regarding an entire business scenario.

Through their training, knowledge and professionalism, Industrial Property Agents are the only interlocutors capable of helping to find the right solutions so that the various economic agents can protect and defend their rights.

The global society in which we live, our country joining the European Union, Portugal signing various treaties and conventions regarding industrial property do not allow for improvisation nor complacency upon acting in Industrial Property procedures. Consequently, higher qualification, competence and knowledge of a specialist is required.





Prior consultation: meeting with the client, in order to obtain the maximum amount of information and to outline the most adequate protection strategy. Drafting of the description and claims and filing the application with the corresponding patent...

Distinctive Signs

The definition “distinctive signs” comprises Trade Marks and similar rights such as Logotypes. Trade Marks can be denominative, figurative and mixed, as well as three-dimensional forms and sounds. Logotypes can only be denominative, figurative and...


Prior consultation: meeting with the client, in order to obtain the maximum amount of information and to outline the most adequate protection strategy. Control and monitoring of the different stages of the design application procedure and...
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